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June 15, 2007



You write:

"Tony Wilson has said something along the lines that they are the best thing in music since the Sex Pistols."

That should have been a flag right there. When anyone is compared to the Sex Pistols (the worst band in history), why would you even consider going to this show?


The Sex Pistols, the worst band in history? What the fuck are you smoking, mate?


Biffy Clyro are the most creative, imaginitive band of the past few years. Sounds like you had your period that day.

El Dave Magnifico

This is not a good review at all, you've hit the nail on the head about enter shikari being fucking awful, but all the bad things you've said about biffy are utter bullshit, it's not even well constructed bull shit. Maybe you should go in a darkened room for 3 days and take some lessons on how to review bands properly.

Esambo De-A-Rouse

I'm not sure I believe what I'm reading.
Sure, you're pretty much right about Enter Shikari. But Blood Red Shoes are one of the least impressive live bands I've ever seen - they don't do anything special, and they sound like so many bands before them. They also seemed so up themselves when I saw them (maybe they weren't at your gig, but they were annoying as anything inbetween songs).

The major problem with this is your review of Biffy though.
1) Anyone who thinks that Living Is A Problem is ambitious would do well to take an intrest in previous work by the band. I can assure you that you could pick almost any song off the previous three albums and it would be far more ambitious.
2) How the hell can you say 57 sounds like Nickleback!?!? Seriously, you come across as someone who has never heard more than 10 bands in their life. The fact you are actually reviewing this band and can make such a poor comparison is incredibly worrying.

Mind you, I've just read your top 5 British bands to look out for in 2007 post and can see that you recommend mainstream music that doesn't challenge the listener in the slightest. Not something i expected on a blog called "Music Snobbery". In a way I'm now glad to see this review, if someone who recommends the Automatic doesn't like Biffy. Non-the-less, I'd recommend you check out Vertigo Of Bliss by Biffy Clyro - mainly because it's probably the best album of all time.


How can you say such things about a band like biffy clyro!

They are amazing live, have four outstanding albums, and are one of the most genuine and hardworking bands around.

What your saying is absolute bullshit.

Mon the Biffy!

Alastair Shiels

The weakness of your review is the fact that you have failed in your role as a reviewer to balance your own subjective opinions with objective comments.There is a problem when discovered UK bands attempt a breakthrough in the US, in that a natural arrogance comes across and the reviewers always consider "What makes this band so popular?" and so don't really consider the performance in itself.

You are in fact just a weak live music reviewer, pick up a copy of any of the leading European music mags and learn your trade.

El Dave Magnifico



Well clearly you are afraid of embracing modern culture and instead love to opt for something of the same musical substanance as the White Stripes - possibly the most boring and dire band in the world.

Enter Shikari are an amazing live band, who, as you said, get the crowd going (which is the main purpose of a gig isn't it? To entertain?) and perform their upbeat, energising numbers at the same time. They're billed as good for a reason.

Biffy Clyro are the best band in the world. End of story. They combine intelligence, charisma, amazing dynamics, beautiful harmonies and one of the most awe-inspiring live shows that I've ever seen. You compare 57 to Nickelback, a comparison which has no standing whatesoever seeing as Biffy are Gods of the experimental and Nickelback are commercial shite. Then again, I can see you liking Nickelback.

Sadly you seem to be one of the many people who love the commercial aspect of Biffy's new music, but are not willing to appreciate the wonderful eclecticness of their earlier work.

Maybe you should retitle your site to something less elitist, possibly 'Music-by-numbers'?


Yep, go back to your day job mate.. somewhere where no one hears your trite opinions

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