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    • Juanita Stein of Howling Bells
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    • Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes
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    • Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn & John

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September 07, 2008



I just had football on in the background and caught it too. So I googled it and ended up here. I would highly doubt he would okay this...


first of all, i saw the ad, and like you i checked it out google-style, and let me say that this has to be the best named website ever. coming back from that tangent though, whether it's due to selling out or losing a bet or having his pompadour kidnapped, i'm pretty sure that using a heartbreakingly beautiful song like Everyday is Like Sunday and totally bastardizing its lyrical content and meaning just to peddle fricking FOOTBALL is blasphemy squared.


I agree that I seriously doubt Moz gave his okay, but then who actually owns the song right? I'm thinking the irony meter is about pegged if you think about the lyrical content of the song and the performer vs. what's being pushed. And oh, best website name EVAR. : )

Flower Girl

I seriously doubt that Morrissey endorsed this. This has got to be a joke right? I'm an avid football fan...I've not caught this jingle yet. But then again did anyone ever notice that he did lend "I Am The Sun, I Am The Air" to Charmed... I heard the song everywhere I went... I guess you do stuff to remind people "Hey!" I'm still around.


Heard this song (the original Moz version) before a Sunday afternoon Mets game at Shea Stadium a couple weeks back. And it wasn't like it was a short clip used for an at bat or a pitcher entering the game, it was the whole song. Somehow the whole "Come armageddon" seems apt what with the Mets impending late season collapse.


Why wouldn't Morrissey approve of this? Sure football is violent, but we shouldn't forget the Moz's affinity for boxing (and boxers). And, hell, the irony is off the charts here - I doubt that's lost on him of all people. Personally, I love it. I'm a huge Morrissey fan as well as a football obsessive, but, the fact that so many knuckle-dragging manly-man fans are being exposed to this subversive tune - well, it's just awesome.


I think is great! it brought back memories and it is motivational, I am glad everyone is talking about the song, many people did not know Morrissey and now they are talking about it, it brought him back, and the ad is cool!!!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPhsHnq8_x8 here it is judge for yourself


Moo, (sorry to be a snob and correct you..;)

But the lyrics to the Smith's song " How Soon Is Now" goes "I am the SON and HEIR to a shyness that is criminally vulgar..." It's a common mistake.

I was very surprised to hear it though while watching a football game. I am comforted by the fact there are other Moz fans who are also into football.


Football and Morissey fan here... and I have to agree, I'm completely suprised that Morissey gave his consent for the NFL to use his song in a jingo.

I recently saw an in-depth interview of him on the Jonathan Ross show (check Youtube) and the Morissey I saw there seems the LAST person to sell out to jingoism, ESPECIALLY to the NFL network.

But still... can't say that it bothers me in the least. I get a reminder of a great classic everytime I check my football news.

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