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January 07, 2009



Kasabian pisses all over these guys. Better singer, better guitar player....better haircuts.


Their opening slot for Echo was really crappy. One of the worst opening bands I saw in 2008 (only one worst was Growing) (Attend 60 or so shows a year). Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I see nothing redeeming about them.


Wow. Were you at the same show as everyone else? I don't mind this band. I kind of like the disc and I assume their live show will get better over time. But no excuses should be made for those horrendous lights. And to say that this could be a top 5 concert in 2009 tells me that you only intend on seeing 5 concerts all year.


I found this on brooklynvegan about Glasvegas' Bowery show:

Absolutely HILARIOUS thread you dummies. Starting off with Angela and a bunch of you other dopes thinking that the photographer wrote the review of the show. It is bad enough that BV Dave(the Dave of comment 10:58) writes reviews of shows he does not even attend but to attribute it to the picture taker is priceless.

Not to mention many of the other inane comments having to do with the lights, the complete incorrect references to who this band sounds like, saying Kasabian is a great band haha and finally to the know nothings commenting on the drummer.

Classic you idiots, just classic.

Oh 2 other things

1)Why would any of you refer to anything said buy Music Snobbery. That guy is an even bigger fool then most of you and that is no easy accomplishment. My sister's friends mentally retarded kid brother knows more about music than him.

2)Special kudos to 9:08 for hanging the John Bonham 4:53 poster out to dry. Clyde Stubblefield the funky drummer is pretty much the blueprint for hip hop and the most sampled.. And there have been tons of great rock drummers over the year you dickhead.

Posted by Anonymous | January 8, 2009 1:03 PM


Great review! Glasvegas are an amazing band, couldn't agree more with the reviewer.
As for other folks comments, firstly can I say Kasabian isn't anything original, same old same old and I remember seeing them early days at Scotland's music festival and personally I walked away from their set, they have in my opinion only marginally improved. The guy who thought they were crappy at opening for Echo, I reckon you should go again and see them headline then make your judgement.
Glasvegas are in a class of their own. Lyrically James is a genius and most importantly theres not many bands that sound like Glasvegas so they took the chance and formed a new genre that in years to come other bands will quote Glasvegas as their influences.


Hey Elaine....I guess you NEVER heard the Kasabian song "Fast Fuse". That is one of the best songs you will hear over the next five years. It blows everything Glasvegas performed on Tuesday night. Kasabian are heavy hitters. Check it out and educate yourself.


Well .... I was at the Bunnymen show and Glasvegas were one of the best opening acts I've ever seen .... best being James opening for the Smiths backin Dublin in 83 or 84 ?? if I remember .... age is catching up with me ... I love Glasvegas, I loved the performance at the Bowery exscept for those annoying lights .... I did shout out on a number of occasions "turn the F**kin; lights off ..... down side for me was that the band played for less than 45 minutes ... probably less than the annoying opening act


I love Glasvegas, AND I love Kasabian. Maybe I can make peace?

Oh, and James Allan looks so much like Joe Strummer that I'm pretty sure he's Joe's illegitimate child. Not that that's a bad thing; I love The Clash more than any other band ever.


glasvegas SUCKS DICK

Congratulations, you have just met the ICF

Glasvegas is my favorite band of ALL TIME!!! I fecking love em and if you don;t agree, go pis$ off and 3at shite. Wanka!

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